Cloud 9 Specialty Gluten-Free Bakery | About Us
Cloud 9 creates a complete range of gluten-free products and baked goods for those seeking a nutritious alternative to a wheat-based diet.
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All Purpose Baking Mix.

Cloud 9 is passionate about being a leader in the gluten-free world. From the very beginning, we wanted to change the way gluten-free was viewed by not only the gluten-free market but from any consumer or baker who used conventional flour.

Our goal was to be able to replace any recipe that used regular flour with Cloud 9’s All-Purpose Baking Mix. Whether you’re a Celiac, have allergies, or you simply want a gluten-free diet, you should not have to restrict what you eat to a few expensive specialty items. Cloud 9 continues to source and test all manner of products which are gluten-free. Our only condition; delicious gluten-free food without compromising taste and texture.

The Cloud 9 Promise

At Cloud 9, we are dedicated and passionate about providing you with delicious gluten-free baked goods and mixes that do not compromise on taste and texture and can be a trusted staple of not only the Celiac community but tasty enough to be enjoyed by everyone. Our bakery and blending/packaging facility are dedicated gluten-free and our baking mixes are tested to contain less than 20ppm gluten.

At Cloud 9, we will continue to source and create new innovative tasty gluten-free products that bring variety and enjoyment to your gluten-free lifestyle.